“I’ve never lost touch of my roots.”

Emma Brügger-Davenport, dipl. translator HDS

Hello and Grüssach! My name is Emma Brügger-Davenport. Originally from Cornwall, England, I’ve been living in Switzerland for ten years now, but I’ve never lost touch of my roots.

Having studied English at the University of Plymouth, England I “took the plunge” and moved to Switzerland to live with my then boyfriend. My passion for my mother tongue has never diminished, in fact, I have become more fascinated by languages through my exposure to Switzerland’s many languages. I spent my early years here teaching English whilst studying for my Translation Diploma at the HDS St. Gallen.

Following graduation I worked for a Swiss software company, helping to develop their documentation for the English-speaking market. This involved translation of extensive user manuals, press releases and release notes.

For the last 4 years, I’ve worked for a renowned Swiss health insurance company. I was taken on board to help implement English as their fourth company language, translating a wide variety of texts for different mediums, ranging from customer correspondence to website content and various digital applications such as the customer portal.

On a personal note, my gamble ten years ago paid off – I’ve been happily married to my Swiss husband for 4 years now, and I’m now mum to two rascals who keep me on my toes. Following the birth of my youngest daughter last year I decided to leap into the breach once again and found my own translation company.

So here I am today. Committed to offering you a proper job.

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